Tonibonoj – from my mind to the Catwalk


Hey there!

My name is Tosin and I’m a fashion entrepreneur 🙂

I’m currently working on my first collection due to launch next Spring/Summer ’11. The label will focus on women’s work/formal wear (with a twist)…you’ll soon find out!

Do join me as I pursue my passion and learn the ropes of the fashion industry. My first post provides a good introduction to me and the label.

Look forward to meeting and hearing from you!

Thanks in advance




9 Responses to "About"

Dear Tosin

THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am inspired 🙂 Thank you!

I pray for direction, wisdom & favour

God Bless
Olawunmi Fatona

Wow!!!! Hold on to your hat fashion world, Tonibonoj is here!

Now lets see the pieces, cant wait for your collection… when, where and how can we get our hands on them?

All the best in my thoughts…


Thank you very much ladies!

We will let you Know once the collection is ready.

Why don’t you subscribe to the blog so we can keep you abreast of any Info and update.

Thank you!

Hello, I was just blog-walking and got hooked to urs! I love what u do… Keep it up honey. U’re the best! In case you are wondering who the hell is this, see See u around.

Many thanks!

Keep reading the blog!


My dear, great vision, great mind.
Its ur season, ur moment, ur hour.
Our Lord shall see you all through mu dear.
Wisdom is urs.
Keep shining.

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