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What do you wear to work?

Posted on: September 24, 2010

Hello beautiful people!

You may have picked up from my first post that I do have something for formal wear. With a full-time job, most people spend more time at work than at home so if I am going to splash a little on clothes, work wear comes on top for me.

I am a firm believer in dressing for the role you’re aiming for not for where you are – so I can’t see any reason why any woman’s formal wardrobe should be dowdy.

We all know clothes speaks volumes about us and in some circumstances it could affect our demeanour. If you’re wearing an outfit that accentuates the right parts of your figure, you feel confident and your walk speaks the same language. And if you feel good about yourself, then you’ll attract that from other people.

So am I alone in feeling this way? Would you put much effort into your work wear? Are there particular pieces that work for you more than other?

For me, I love my soft tops and fitted shirts with smart tailored trousers or skirts. I might have been in a cut throat environment but I am still a woman and want to be sexy 🙂

Peter Jensen Helena Frill Blouse

Peter Jensen Helena Frill blouse - this top is fantastic for all shapes - I love the detail

I  would love to hear from you, so tell me about your favourite pieces of clothing for work.




2 Responses to "What do you wear to work?"

I like the idea of dressing for where I want to be as it inspires me to be proactive about what I want to achieve. I guess the difficulty is does a graduate trainee dress like a mid-level executive on her meagre wages?
Should we aspire to dress in a manner in which we really cant afford?
Help Tonibonoj! First impressions matter a lot in the workplace and what we wear usually dictates how people respond to us.

What should a girl do?

Hey! Thanks for the question – nice to have some interaction here 🙂

I agree that dressing like your boss could be expensive but fear not, that doesnt have to be the case at all. Depending on your budget and your place of work, there are many brands that cater for every type of pocket. If you have to dress really formal, then your high street brands such as Dorothy Perkins, Next, New Look all have offerings for complete suit under £120 or even cheaper if on sale. My advice is stretch a little, get suits made of cashmere or wool and you can wear it for a very long time. Whatever fabric your suit is made of, look after it very well by drycleaning regularly and you’re good to go!

If you dont have to wear suits, then why not try ASOS or, they have many outfits at affordable prices.

Remember, there is no substitute for brain matter though but your appearance will help very much along the way!

Hope this helped?

Good luck!

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